Boycott a Meeting Day Tech How a Spam Mail Checker Can Improve Email Deliverability

How a Spam Mail Checker Can Improve Email Deliverability

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Emails that are flagged as spam are a major pain point for many marketers. It’s not just that they’re losing out on potential sales or leads, but it’s also wasting the time and effort of their teams who have to wade through them. Moreover, it’s not just emails that are getting thrown into the spam folder – many of them also get blocked completely by email service providers. It’s a major setback for businesses that put in a lot of efforts into their cold email campaigns to generate responses from prospects.

Spam is a major threat to productivity, profitability and IT security. It hinders work, slows down computers and drains IT resources. And it can also cause expensive downtime due to a cyber-attack. Fortunately, a spam mail checker can help ensure that your emails aren’t being flagged as junk by email filters and ISPs.

Guarding Against Spam: Spam Mail Checker

In addition to verifying and validating an email address, spam checker can help improve your email deliverability by examining your infrastructure, email marketing practices and other factors that determine your email sender reputation. Email sender reputation is a rating given by ISPs based on various parameters like your email content, subject line and sending IP address.

Another crucial function of a spam mail checker is that it can identify spam trigger words. These are words or phrases that are known to portray a sense of urgency, overpromise, relate to money, or sound unnatural. By avoiding these trigger words, marketers can prevent their emails from getting landed in the spam folder and boost email deliverability.

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