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Maths Tutorial LessonMaths Tutorial Lesson

Maths tutorial lesson is often the hardest subject to master. But a strong awareness of math can lead to greater success in all subjects, and in life. From navigating percentages and monitoring personal savings to budgeting for rent or mortgage, the ability to solve problems with confidence is something everyone needs.

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This resource provides a library of 100+ free math video lessons and a YouTube channel to host new ones. The site also offers math tools and manipulatives, question generators, printables, and puzzles.

The site supports student mastery of arithmetic and fact fluency, along with logical thinking, using games that challenge students to make smart decisions and use reasoning skills. This game-based content is a great complement to your classroom instruction, and weekly email progress reports for teachers help you guide students.

Another way to support student mastery of basic facts is by using a free online tool like Xtramath. It is like a daily math vitamin that lets students practice basic multiplication and division, while providing instant and detailed feedback. This site allows students to work at their own pace and receive customized problem sets, as well as a free e-book of supplemental problems for teachers.

This National Science Foundation-supported site features a variety of interactive virtual manipulatives and concept tutorials. Created by England’s TESOL, the resources provide a range of activities that can be used in both classroom and home settings. Pairing students for peer tutoring is a great way to build understanding of math concepts, as it can help all learners stay engaged. This strategy can be adapted with this free card sort activity that uses pictures and words to prompt students to identify math concepts.