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Selecting a Heat Treatment Services Company

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When searching for a heat treatment services company it is important to select one that has the proper equipment and experience in handling different materials. Different metals have unique properties and require different types of heat treatments to produce the desired results. Some of the different types of heat treatments include annealing, normalizing, solution or aging processes and induction hardening. In addition to the heat treating process, the company should also have a good track record and a clean facility.

What are the 4 types of heat treatment steel undergoes?

Located in Clinton Township, Michigan, ThermTech provides industrial metal processing services for the aerospace, automotive, military, mining, oil & gas and construction industries. They offer anneal, case harden, temper, blast, carburize, nitride and quench services for steel and alloys. ThermTech can also do stress relieving, sand or shot blasting and metallurgical consultation. They are an ISO 9001 and Nadcap AS7102 certified and RoHS compliant company.

Aalberts N.V. is a global leader in thermal processing and brazing services with an international network of locations serving the aerospace, defense, power generation, energy, oil & gas, automotive, machine building, commercial, medical and transportation industries. They provide a full range of services including heat treating, hot isostatic pressing and surface technologies as well as specialty processes with unmatched capacity. Their services improve the strength and durability of parts allowing them to last longer while providing a more cost-effective solution to customers. They also provide metallurgical research and development as well as design, prototyping, machining and assembly services.

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