Boycott a Meeting Day Blog New Shapes and Textures for the Gummy Collection

New Shapes and Textures for the Gummy Collection

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Gummy Collection

More than a century after Hans Riegel invented them in Germany, gummies are a global juggernaut. These chewy confections are a go-to snack for many people, providing sweet relief from the stresses of life. A squishy, fruity treat can also offer an escape from the digital world of social media and apps.

A Gummy Collection soft texture can even be used to deliver functional ingredients, such as probiotics and other health supplements. Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning, and manufacturers have cranked up the science to offer brands more exciting gummy possibilities.

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Gummy makers are also experimenting with new shapes and textures to appeal to consumers of different ages and lifestyles. Last year, Cargill conducted a gummy-texture study and found that American consumers wanted softer, fluffier gummies. The company adapted its popular Haribo berry-shaped Goldbears for America, reducing their gelatin content by 30% and adding pectin to the recipe.

This led to the softer, lighter Berry Clouds line of gummies. The candies are shaped like cloud-like puffs, and the gummies are also made with less sugar. The result is a softer, fluffier candy with a similar flavor profile as Haribo’s classic bears.

Gummies are a top-selling candy, with sales surpassing chocolates for the first time in 2019. A growing vegan population, a booming supplement industry and rising consumption over other snacks are driving category growth, according to market research firm MRF.

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