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Mushrooms Montreal

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shrooms montreal

Amid the fentanyl crisis, people are reviving their shrooms Montreal with psilocybin by taking magic mushrooms. And although psychedelic drugs remain illegal in Canada, their popularity is fuelling an underground mushroom market. Several new stores have opened in Montreal, including FunGuyz, which claims to sell “microdose capsules, DMT, gummies, chocolates, nootropics and tea.”

Among them is Stacey Larsen, who runs MycoMeditations, which organizes year-round trips for groups of 12 to 16 people at remote beachfront villas in Costa Rica and Thailand. The price tag includes meals, group therapy and meditation sessions, and kayaking excursions. Some of the mushrooms used are grown on-site. “The idea is that you have an experienced guide to take you through a trip,” says Larsen. “It’s an opportunity to reclaim the power of psilocybin in a safe environment.”

Mystical Montreal: Exploring the Psychedelic Culture and Shroom Scene

The Canadian mushroom season runs from mid-April through October, with most species appearing between June and September. In a rainy summer, it’s a bumper period for Boletes, Russulas and Amanitas. But the first frost brings them back to rest for a bit before winter comes calling again.

But despite the mushroom mania, police have cracked down on these shops. A 24-year-old man was arrested at FunGuyz on Thursday, during the third search of the store since it opened less than a month ago. Another raid took place at a home in Longueuil, where police seized more narcotics. The owners of FunGuyz say they’ll continue operating the store and challenge the charges in court.

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