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About Photographers Regina

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About photographers regina

Regina has been photographers regina  people since she was old enough to hold a camera. She grew up shooting mountain bike races, and by the age of seven was insisting her father shoot in manual mode rather than automatic, reminding him that “automatic means the camera is making decisions for you.” At fifteen she began accompanying her dad to weddings, where her photos were so good that they started beating out his, earning her a ThinkTank endorsement and a Cotton Carrier ambassadorship.

A graduate from the Hallmark Institute of Photography, Regina specializes in interior and architectural photography. She has an easy, laid-back approach to her work and is able to create beautiful images that capture the essence of her clients’ spaces.

Capturing Moments: The Artistry and Vision of Photographers in Regina

With an eye for detail, Regina will combine styled portraits and delightfully candid shots to tell your unique wedding story. She truly cares about getting to know each of her clients and helping them feel comfortable in front of the camera, so that authentic images can be captured. Whether it’s a family portrait session, headshots or an on-location wedding, she will make you feel at ease and capture the moment that makes your heart sing. The result will be images to be treasured for a lifetime.

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