Day: November 10, 2023

Can You Live on a Cruise Ship?Can You Live on a Cruise Ship?

Can you live on a cruise ship? Many people dream of retiring from the rat race and living on a cruise ship. It seems idyllic – no cleaning, no bills to pay, and you get to see some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. But can you really escape the humdrum of day-to-day life and live on a cruise ship full time? And if so, how much would it cost?

Why are cruises less expensive?

It’s definitely possible to make a home on a cruise ship, though you’d have to book consecutive individual cruises for as long as you want to stay in the same cabin. This type of lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and it can be incredibly expensive. The exact cost will depend on how you choose to live, but it can range from around $90 per day (if staying in a basic interior cabin) up to millions of dollars per year.

If you don’t have any specialised care needs, and are prepared to book lots of cruises consecutively, it might work out cheaper than paying for an apartment in your local area. You may also save on some utility costs – though Wi-Fi, phone calls and alcoholic beverages are likely to be pricier than they are on land.

One of the most obvious drawbacks is that you’d be away from family and friends for extended periods of time. It’s also possible that your travel schedule will clash with major events, such as graduations or births.