Day: August 6, 2023

Bullfrog Spas AustinBullfrog Spas Austin

The majority of the 29 hot tub models available from this company fall in the entry-level to mid-level price range. In fact, only four of the company’s tubs are marketed as luxury. However, a major advantage of purchasing a hot tub from this brand is that buyers are given a lot of customization options and can alter the look and feel of their spas without breaking the bank.

What is difference between spa and jacuzzi?

This is done through a process called the JetPak Therapy System. This system allows for the swapping out of seats and different types of massages, giving you a lot of control over what type of spa experience you want to have. This unique design also helps reduce energy costs, with the jets inserted into the seat backs and not in the floor of the spa.

Buyers can also add a number of other upgradeable features to their spas. These include audio systems, LED lighting, multiple shell and cabinet color options, waterfalls, and even an ozone sanitation system. However, it’s important to note that unlike other top-tier manufacturers, Bullfrog Spas doesn’t offer a saltwater or UV-C sanitation system in their spas. URL :

The best way to purchase a new Bullfrog Spas is through the dealerships located across the United States. The dealer can then assist with repairs and routine maintenance. If you’d like to try out a new tub, Costco often holds Bullfrog Spa roadshows across the country, so make sure to check the schedule and locations of these shows before making a purchase.…