Day: July 11, 2023

Fashion Week ChauffeursFashion Week Chauffeurs

As Milan fashion week chauffeurs to a close, the world’s attention turns to Paris for the latest in designer collections. This semiannual event features runway shows, presentations, and parties showcasing both established and emerging designers. It also includes workshops and talks to highlight the industry’s growing focus on sustainability.

Who Organises Fashion Week?

Chauffeurs are a critical component of any fashion week experience, providing comfort and convenience while making sure VIP attendees arrive on time for all their events. They’re often hired for their discretion, which makes them the perfect choice for transporting fashion insiders and celebrities to the many parties and shows throughout the week. However, chauffeurs haven’t always had such an easy time of it – and some have been involved in scandalous or even dangerous incidents on the job.

From scoring drugs to sex in the back seat, chauffeurs are exposed to a lot of crazy stuff behind the tinted windows of luxury cars. One former chauffeur, Jayne Amelia Larson, revealed that she had once been forced to drive the son of Sir Martin Sorrell through Los Angeles in the early hours of the morning while he tried to procure a transvestite prostitute. She ultimately had to take him to a hospital for alcohol poisoning and sex withdrawal.

Despite this, most chauffeurs do their jobs in the background and with an eye for discretion, allowing VIPs to enjoy the shows, parties, and other events without having to worry about their transportation. This allows them to truly make the most of their experience and leave a lasting impression on their fellow fashion insiders, influencers, and celebrities.