Day: October 16, 2022

How Office Furniture Has Changed Over the YearsHow Office Furniture Has Changed Over the Years

Whether you are redesigning your workspace or replacing the entire set, you can choose from a variety of styles and materials. Neutral white, for example, can be a safe color choice to make a small office appear larger. Hundreds of top-notch companies manufacture office furniture. There are options for every price range, and some brands specialize in high-end options with luxurious finishes. Others, however, deliver quality designs at low prices.

How many chairs can you fit around a Conference Room Table?

Knoll is a world-famous Agile Office Furniture – office furniture online manufacturer known for its innovative designs. The company has even opened a museum to showcase some of its furniture. Founded in 1938 by a German immigrant, Knoll is now an international company with offices all over the world. In the 1940s, it first raised eyebrows with its futuristic-looking office furniture, hiring such notable designers as Eero Saarinen, Abel Sorenson, Isamu Noguchi, Carl Magnusson, and Emanu Frattini.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the industry was impacted by environmental concerns. Increasing pressure has been placed on manufacturers to use recycled materials in their products. There are also concerns about the emissions that are released from particleboard products and other chemical waste in the manufacturing process. In response, manufacturers have worked to minimize their environmental impact.

Exports and imports of office furniture are largely driven by globalization. Since 2006, office furniture imports have outpaced exports by eightfold. Total imports of office furniture to the United States exceeded exports by $17 billion, while domestic sales were down nine percent.