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Which Style of Front Doors is Right For You?

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Which Style of Front Doors is Right For You?

There are many options available for front doors and there are also certain styles that fit particular types of houses. Victorian and Edwardian style homes typically have imposing front doors with decorative glazing. Oversized glass-covered doors add a striking focal point to your front door. They also let light into the interior and are great for homes with a modern, minimalist style. Here are some of the best options for front doors. Which style is right for you?

When replacing your front door, consider the U-value of the door. It should be around 1.8 W/m2K or less. This is a good value for the amount of energy that is saved by this style. Whether you opt for a glazed or solid door, you’ll be happy with your choice. The door’s aesthetics is also an important factor. You want your front door to match the overall design of the rest of the house, and the right style will make all the difference.

Choose a front door that’s made of aluminum for added security. Make sure to select one with baked-on enamel finish, as it is much less likely to rust. It can be costly to replace a front door, so consider the additional costs. Front doors with side windows or panels cost more, so consider these options before choosing the style. Lastly, choose a door that provides insulation against the elements. Consider double-panel glass for extra protection and weather stripping to keep out debris.

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