Boycott a Meeting Day Internet What Happens When You Hide a Comment on Facebook?

What Happens When You Hide a Comment on Facebook?

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what happens when you hide a comment on facebook e for your business isn’t always easy and it is hard to find the best way to deal with negative comments. Some users may react badly to a deleted comment and could turn it into a full-blown rant that could ruin your brand reputation. This is why it is important to hide a comment instead of deleting it. However, it is also important to know what happens when you hide a comment on facebook so that you can avoid any confusion or potential issues later on.

When you hide a comment on facebook, it will only be visible to the person who commented and their friends. This is different from deleting the comment which removes it from your post completely. Facebook will not notify the user that their comment has been hidden, so they will be able to see it if they go looking for it or visit your page again. However, if you have replied to the comment in a sub-comment then that will be visible to everyone who has access to the post.

Behind the Hide Button: Unraveling the Impact of Hidden Comments on Facebook

Any harmful, inappropriate or unsuitable comments that are left on your facebook page should be hidden. This will help you avoid losing trust and loyalty from customers. This can include racist remarks, sexism, homophobic notes, hatred and any other content that is not suitable for your audience. The good news is that hiding a comment can be much less damaging than deleting it, but be sure to only use this option for truly damaging comments.

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