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Toxic Water Exposure in the Marine Corps

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toxic water exposure on base

The Marine Corps is facing a massive toxic water exposure scandal. The Marines are being exposed to chemicals such as benzene and industrial solvents while on base. Researchers have uncovered numerous reports of health complications among base workers and residents. The toxic water exposure scandal has forced the Department of Defense to investigate the situation.

The Environmental Working Group recently published a report that identified 385 military sites with contaminated drinking water or groundwater. According to the organization, the toxins were present on base for a limited time frame. The group’s findings led the Defense Department to open hundreds of investigations and ensure that the military’s water supply was safe for its service members. The department has promised to be more transparent and accountable in the future.

The Army has not yet disclosed the cause of the toxic water contamination. However, the EPA has said that the contaminated water on base could lead to cancer, neurological disorders, and diabetes. It has also warned that the water could cause birth defects. As a result, those who worked at the base might be eligible for disability benefits if they were exposed to toxic substances.

Exposed to toxins at Camp Lejeune

The toxic water contamination at the Marine Corps’ Camp Lejeune base reached 400 times the safety standards and even caused the death of one of the children. The family is still fighting for justice.

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