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Men’s Athletic Fit Polo Shirts

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mens athletic fit polo shirts

Stylish, breathable and perfectly comfortable, men’s athletic fit polo men’s athletic fit polo shirts will have you looking sharp from top to toe. Whether you prefer the classic single-tone cotton option or the lightweight micro-pique range, HUGO and BOSS have a polo shirt for every season and occasion.

The right fit for you

If you are a man who is serious about taking care of your physique, you will be aware that finding great fitting clothing to suit your specific body type can be quite the challenge. This is especially true of polo shirts, where major brands design them with the general population in mind while neglecting those who need a more tailored fit.

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Athletic Fit Polo Shirts: Features and Benefits

In our experience, a fitted polo is the best choice for any man in good shape. It provides more room in the upper body, tailored to your arms and hugging the torso, creating the perfect silhouette that highlights your muscular build.

The perfect sleeve length for you

A good polo sleeve should fall mid-bicep and embrace your arms gently. This is not to say it should be tight as that can make your arms look smaller than they are, but it should still fit the contours of your arm.

The ideal collar size for you

A well-fitting polo should feature a structured collar that will stand up to wear and tear. The ideal one should also have the latest wrinkle free odor fighting technology.

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