Earn Your NACE Inspection Certification

Earn Your NACE Inspection Certification You can earn the NACE Certification through courses offered by the NACE International Institute (NII). These courses help to ensure visit our website public safety, protect the environment, and reduce the economic impact of corrosion. The NACE Institute was founded in 1943 to develop standards for corrosion testing and control. NACE inspectors undergo rigorous education and training to obtain the certification. This certification demonstrates the highest level of standardization in the industry, and is becoming increasingly important in the global economy. During his career, Pete Ross was involved in the industrial painting industry, starting as a safety worker with a regional ironworker and painting contractor. During this time, he cross-trained in coating inspection and subsequently moved to J.L. Manta, Inc., then one of the largest industrial coatings contractors in the US. He rose to the position of QA/QC Manager and ESH Director while completing his NACE certification and gaining experience as a coatings inspector. NACE inspectors analyze the materials in finishing projects, ensuring that they won’t corrode and won’t create unsafe conditions. These inspections are voluntary, but they have many benefits for your project. NACE-approved products are guaranteed to be high quality. You can get a job as a NACE inspector for as little as $40,787 in California. In addition to this, your salary can range from $39,798 to $65,868 a year.